Snow Classes 2017


Key documents


  • School parent information brochure sent by the School to P5 parents
  • Authorisation form
  • List of material EN/FR
  • List of travelling items
  • Personal data form EN/FR
  • Medical file EN/FR
  • Enrolment form EN/FR/DE

Key Dates



27/10/2017 Return the authorisation form from the brochure to teacher
13/11/2017 Deadline for financial assistance requests to APEEE Lux 1


25/11/2017 Second hand ski sale – 10:00 to 12:00, in Lux2 (Mamer)
15/11/2017 Deadline for payment
15/11/2017 Return in an envelope to class teacher:


  • Personal data form with passport photo
  • Medical form, including copy of vaccination card
  • Enrolment form and copy of payment voucher





06/12/2017 Meetings with class teacher (19:00). Hand in an envelope:


  • Copy of ‘Caisse de Maladie’ or Eurocross card (if not covered by EU institutions ‘Caisse de maladie’)
  • Pupils’ ID card or passport
14/12/2017 Depart for Zinal

  • Remember to include a ticked copy of the material list inside and label all clothes)
21/12/2017 Return from Zinal


(NB: In case of conflict, information in the brochure and any information changes sent by the School prevails over the information in this page. Please report to us if a correction is needed:

APEEEL1 report  regarding the 2016 edition.


Additional Information