Why Join APEEEL1 ?

by | Apr 1, 2021

Why join APEEEL1 (The Parents’ Association for the European School Luxemburg 1) ?

Advocate for students – We provide a voice for the pupils’ of our school

You’ll be part of a Network – You’ll be connected to a group of parents who share a common goal of improving the school for all of the children.

You’ll get connected– there is no better way to know what is going on at the school than to be part of APEEEL1

It’s for every parent – your voice and opinion matters!

Enrich the European school Luxembourg 1 experience: 

APEEEL1 activities touch the lives of every pupil at our school. We are always looking for ways to enhance the school experience for pupils, parents and the whole school community. 

Become Active, Informed and Connected: 

Regular Newsletters and updates to Class Representatives which provides the latest information on school life. 

The APEEEL1 facebook page which provides the latest news regarding our school life and an opportunity for parents to discuss issues together

The APEEEL1 website which provides a wealth of information regarding your school community