In Nursery and Primary
If parents have questions concerning their child, its education and class life, they firstly are requested to contact the class teacher of their child.
The teacher can suggest to get in touch with school coordinators (educational or support coordinator)

In Secondary
If parents have questions, they firstly are requested to contact:

•The educational adviser of the year concerned, regarding any problem of absences or disciplinary issues.
• The teacher for any problem related to the learning or teaching of the subject.
• The educational adviser of the year concerned, the principal class teacher or any other teacher for any socialising or integration problem in the class/group.
• Cycle coordinators for any question relating to enrolment and option choice.
• The career adviser of the language section concerned for any question relating to career guidance.
• The coordinator career advisor for any questions relating to orientation, etc.
• The support coordinator for learning disabilities.

Parents may contact the Deputy Director of the Nursery and Primary school/ Secondary or the Director of the school only in cases where the problem cannot be solved.

APEEEL1 Can help and guide you through the process and indeed can be included in any of these steps.

On the rare occasions that an issue cannot be resolved with the school, it may be possible to contact the European School inspectors. There details are available on the European Schools website: