The new extracurricular activity Accompagnateur must:
• Support the extracurricular activities team, including the monitors doing the accompaniment service;
• Accompany children in private lessons;
• Open the rooms when needed;
• Ensures the smooth running of activities before, during and after the activity;
• Ensure the punctuality of the monitors;
• If necessary, take care of children between activities, contact parents;
• Coordinate actions with guards and janitors to ensure the smooth running at the exit/entrance of the school;
• Report any lack of discipline, aggressive behavior, threatening to the team leader of extracurricular activities;
• Try to manage the tensions that may arise between parents, children, monitors, as well as any behavior dangerous to physical or moral integrity during extracurricular activities;
• At the request of the Head of Extracurricular Activities, perform the following tasks:
o Simple administrative tasks,
o Ensure all necessary tasks, related to extracurricular activities,
o Participate in meetings.

The profile:
• Fluency in French or English. Any other language will be considered an asset
• Knowledge of the Office Pack
• Initiative and problem-solving skills
• Excellent listening skills, interpersonal skills, especially with children
• Excellent analytical skills
• Responsive, organized and rigorous
• Punctual
• First aid diploma is a plus

Telecommuting: No

COVID-19 measures: The Covid Check is mandatory, it is imperative to be either vaccinated, recovered from covid19 contamination for more than 11 days and less than 6 months or to perform a PCR test in laboratory / pharmacy.

Duration: 3 months

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