What you need to know about the European BAC: 

The European Baccalaureate Handbook: A guide for European Baccalaureate Candidates

This provides an overview of the BAC cycle, including S6 & S7 options, weighting or marks etc

The European Schools syllabuses for all subjects 

It is important for all pupils to familiarise themselves with the syllabus for each suject to be able to master the content. Students should not hesitate to ask teachers about any topic that has not been covered in class.

Baccalaureate results 

You can see of the results per subject and language in which they are taught. This may help you choice of options (however this is only statistical data and does not provide the reasons behind the results)

PreBAC Scripts

Students have the right to access scripts and other supporting material for each exam taken. This can be important if pupils have any concerns about PreBAC results and/or is considering the possibility to appeal. It can also be helpful for later reference or study. 

There is a formal procedure to be followed to obtain the copies of scripts and materials, and must be carried out within four days of the release of the results/semester report. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your APEEEL1 team