Parents and European school Luxembourg I representatives will meet the Fonds Kirchberg on 11th October 2021.


Parents’ concern about the safety of access to the school has increased following the rapid development of the Kirchberg plateau:

  • the car park in front of the Kindergarten building – rue Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi – disappeared. Parking Adenauer 2 minutes walk to our Maternelle and Secondary school is still working. Parking Coque 1 3 minutes walking to our school Primary buildings is still working
  • the accessibility of rue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and rue Léon Hengen was greatly reduced with the creation of a bus terminal.
  • the diversion of all bus traffic through Adenauer Boulevard has increased traffic jams around the school.


What are the points in the agenda?

The top ones that 43% of the school population replied in our survey:

  • Concern for the safety of children – 73% of respondents

Point for the agenda: How children’s safety is ensured with this new traffic set up?

  • Access to school is problematic – 75% of respondents

How to guarantee a smooth access to our school?

  • Difficulty finding where to stop and drop children off safely – 63% of respondents

How to facilitate our children’s arrivals?

Are you contributing for a less-polluted safer school?

Get a new routine!

European School Luxembourg 1 is centrally located in the middle of Europe Interchange and bounded by dozens of free combinations:

And you?

Please send us your suggestions to discuss with the Fonds Kirchberg to the facebook group or by email before 05/10/2021