The “School Garden” is a project that has been granted funding from the Participatory budget of APEEEL1 (for more info see previous newsletter). Behind The School Garden there is a group of enthusiastic secondary school pupils and a group of teachers. However, the garden is meant to benefit the whole school community from Nursery to Secondary for many generations of pupils to come. It is situated just next to the Secondary swimming pool.

This is how Zélie Guisset, one of the founders, describes The School Garden:

”After some planning, students, teachers and parents started gardening on a patch of grass on the secondary campus during last year’s school Fête. Now, with financial help from the Parents’ Association, we will be able to come closer to our goals!
We aim to set up a garden inspired by permaculture principles, with emphasis on biodiversity, community and fairness. An active garden project at school will contribute to the positive development of the school’s community. This diversified educational opportunity allows for personal skill building with responsible team work patience and persistence being the most effective ways to enjoy a successful garden.
And maybe most importantly, gardening develops sustainable thinking; the way a garden works is the opposite of the immediate behaviour and rewards associated to your tablet-loving toddlers or your distantly dependent teens.
Interested to know more or ready to take part? Contact: And of course, do not hesitate to suggest cool gardening projects to teachers so that they take their classes to the garden! And come by yourself on this year’s school Fête to check the garden out!”