A comedy by Andrew Yates

Everyone is happy in the village of Makebelieve. Cinderella is engaged to marry Prince Charming and the whole village is getting ready to enjoy the wedding. Or are they? Cinderella’s step-sisters, Nausea and Asphyxia, are angry and in the mood for revenge. If Cinderella can find happiness with a man, why can’t they? Together they plan to use the help of Wanda, the enigmatic Witch of the Woods, to send the wedding off course. Meanwhile Cinderella’s father, Lord Rockbottom, owes money to the mean Mrs Skinfklint, the local moneylender, and is in desperate trouble finding a way to pay her back. And Lady Rockbottom, Cinderella’s step-mother, is annoying everyone by trying to take control of the wedding arrangements. Can the marriage be saved from catastrophe? Or is “happy ever after” going to be lost forever?

23 Boulevard Konrad Adenauer, L-1115 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd March at 18.00
Tickets €5.00 – Reservations: the.bgt.lux@gmail.com