The Parents’ Association

Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Ecole Européenne Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg)

All families of students attending The European School Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg) are represented by the Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Ecole Européenne Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg) (APEEE Lux 1). APEEE Lux 1 is the only such body officially recognised by the school statutes and so is the only valid contact point for the school with families.

APEEE Lux 1 representatives participate in various school committees, including the Administrative Board, the Consultative Committee and the Education Councils for the Primary and Secondary schools. APEEE Lux 1 also participates in the Interparents group, which represents the families of students at all the European Schools. Interparents is represented on the Board of Governors, Joint Teaching Council and European Schools Budgetary Committee as well as various working groups established by the Board of Governors.

APEEE Lux 1 is a not for profit organisation registered under Luxembourg law. Its detailed objectives are set out in its articles of association (Statutes).Families become members of APEEE Lux 1 by way of an annual subscription fee which is due on the 1st of October each year. Families can become members at any time on payment of the annual subscription and their membership will cease on 30 September each year.

APEEE Lux 1 is administered by a Management Committee consisting of up to 21 members of the association and headed by a President. Members of the Management Committee are elected for a 2 year term with elections being held each year for the posts vacated by those whose term has expired or who have chosen to resign. The Management Committee members are all volunteers and give up their spare time to assure the aims of the association.

The primary aim of APEEE Lux 1 is to foster open communication and provide a medium through which parents of current students can develop their interest in the education of their children, participate in and support the work of the school, and become genuine partners in the decisions that affect their children – thereby enhancing the quality of education provided by the European School Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg).