The Luxembourg 1 Parents’ Association (APEEEL1) aims to help families who are in need of assistance towards the payment of school trip expenses. To this end, APEEEL1 has its own social fund, separate from that of the school.

An award is not guaranteed, but APEEEL1 will make every effort towards helping those families genuinely in need of assistance. To be eligible for an award, a family must be a member of the Parents’ Association (if they are not yet a member, the €50 annual membership fee will be deducted from the amount awarded). Families should be aware that they may be asked to supply relevant documentation in support of their claim. This will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The social fund will not be able to cover 100% of the school trip expenses. The level of the contribution will be decided according to the net monthly household income, and will also take into account family composition and any other current circumstances that the family chooses to share with APEEEL1.

An award is payable directly into the beneficiary account of the specified school trip and results in a reduction of the fee to be paid by the family for the school trip concerned, but is in no circumstances paid direct to the family.

The decision on whether or not to grant an award is notified in writing to the family or legal representative of the pupil. The amount of the aid, or the reason for rejection, will be specified.

The form below should be completed, signed and sent to at the latest two weeks before the deadline for payment of the school trip fees.

Social fund application form

Social Fund & Participatory Budget Working Group

The working group raises awareness of and participation in APEEEL1 actions to support families in financial need and projects of benefit to the school community.

The group conducts the annual call for proposals and selection procedure for the participatory budget.

The group evaluates requests for financial support from the Social Fund according to the established criteria.




DUPONT Luc (VP Admin)


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