Secondary Education Working Group

APEEEL1 is concerned by all educational issues related to the Secondary School. The Association’s Vice-President Secondary and members of the management committee’s working group attend meetings of the Secondary Education Council with the teachers and school management.

Vice-President Secondary:  VALENTINE Helen

Members: BERNDT Markus, BRETON Monique, DE VREEZE Charlotte (VP Pr), HAERDIN-HOWAT Maria, MAI Annette, SAUNDERS Olivia, SJÖHOLM Outi, TAYLOR Philip, TCHIPEV Anton, VAGO Anna Maria

Destination of Bacheliers 2017-18

Each year we ask the Bacheliers who have just completed their studies at Luxembourg 1 Kirchberg to let us know what they are doing next. Here is the list of destinations for the students where the information has been provided.  We wish all of the Bacheliers well...

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New Marking Scale Conference – presentations and useful link

A new marking scale will soon be introduced into all Secondary Schools within the European School system. APEEEL1 and APEEEL2, in collaboration with Interparents, would like to thank very much all the parents who participated in the Marking Scale Conference, held May...

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Peer Learning

PEER LEARNING Peer-to-peer learning is where one student leads another through a concept, in which the first student is an ‘expert’ and the second is a novice. The peers don’t necessarily need to be from the same class or age group. Peer-to-peer learning is learning...

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