Follow up from previous meeting

Teams: Access to parents. It seems that there are elements of the distance learning policy that are yet to be included in the School’s policy. APEEEL1 would like to understand what these points are.

BYOD & Wifi

Some teachers have already started to use the devices in lessons; but there is still a shift required for some teachers to use this efficiently eg use of an online digital book.

The school has been working to invest more in the WIFI infrastructure. There have been reports of issues in the T block and higher floors. All issues need to be reported to the school so that they can be resolved.

APEEEL1 has sent a letter to the school director to try and access the One2One Luxembourgish scheme for families that do not have access to digital equipment. There is no update, as yet, from the Luxembourg authorities. APEEEL1 would like a separate meeting with the school directors on this matter.

Distance learning- the feedback from class reps for the first week in January was that this is generally improved however there is still a huge discrepancy between some classes: heavier workloads, no shows, last minute lessons or cancellations etc. It is important for students to be in dialogue with the teachers. The testing schedule may be reviewed to may it easier for everyone.

Having the cameras on during distance learning for both students and teachers, whilst preferable, is not mandatory. Some of the students’ behaviour during online lessons is an issue.

Covid measures

The school is dependent on the Luxembourg authorities regardless on the low levels of infections in the school. It is not always possible for the school to know of changes in advance.

The students feel like they would like more training on hygiene and Covid specific measures, which the school will look at.

There have been complaints about window ventilation. Some teachers have been keeping the windows closed or the room is too cold etc. The school has sent reminders on the policy:  10 minutes for ventilation or the windows all open a little. Doors always need to be kept open, which may cause a problem with noise. The school councillors check to see that the windows are open and that students are wearing masks.

It was suggested that the cleaners need to refill the wipes in the ICT rooms on a daily basis to ensure that the computer equipment can be cleaned efficiently at the start of each lesson. This will be looked into.

The school has no power to mitigate virus spread after some families decided to travel during the holidays. Only the Luxembourg authorities can do this.

BAC 2021

No decision to any possible changes have been taken on this yet – it will be discussed at the JTC (joint Teaching Council) . Interparents represent all of the Parents Associations at this meeting. There are a few parental concerns in this area:

  • Issues with oral and changing in a fair way
  • Issues with the impact of the New Marking Scheme (NMS)
  • Issues with no having exams in S6 summer
  • Issues with some teachers not being able to give good quality of education
  • Issues with some pupils not being able to learn well given disruption due to the pandemic
  • Competing with pupils from National systems who are not subject to moderation or taking leaving exams.

Teacher replacements

Parents are concerned that there are more teachers absent this year. This is not well communicated, there is not always good coverage in subjects and the continuity of education is not ensured.  The school confirmed that it is exceptionally more complicated this year. They also have to cover vulnerable teachers. If they receive a long term certificate they try and quickly recruit a substitute. Short term certificates are more problematic and it is not always possible to find a replacement. It is harder to find teachers available to move because of Covid. Online teaching and some teachers having to request parental leave due to covid means that its is additionally complicated.


The school have established a new working group and this is very important. A ‘care team ‘ (psychologists, counsellors, coordinators …) has been created to better communicate between members of the school that are worried and taking care of students. This is improving.

APEEEL1 would like to join the working group.

 Attractiveness measures for Secondary teachers

This is still challenging for DE & NL sections. It is hard to judge due to covid. Security is a fundamental concern to teachers, however the change in salary allows the school to find good candidates for most of the positions.

 Miscellaneous items:

 Reducing Paper waste in Administration- raised by teachers

The school reports are now only provided in paper form for those who need it. Its seems some progress has been made.

Other areas to work on are lesson planning for support groups and salary slips, all of which are currently done on paper.

 Talks about drugs

The Wellbeing Group would like a reminder drug talk in S5, at the moment this only happens in S3. The school will look into this possibility.

 Printing Services

Service is currently available to S6 & S7 students in the library. Whilst they do not want the librarian to be overloaded, students requested that this service be extended to younger years. To be discussed at the school management level.

 Orientation Workshop

Students feel that more should be done for S5 year and above.

 Subscriptions to magazines

There are several magazines available to be consulted in the library. Any proposals to additional magazines can proposed to the librarian.

Meeting attended by Aleksandra Goraj, Annette Mai & Helen Valentine