Some 2278 participants attended the Fete, which singles out this event as being one of the most important in the School year. Many thanks to the participants, the volunteers, the sponsors, staff and the teachers. Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Number of respondents to the survey: 390, this is considered a representative sample.
  • 91% of the respondents indicated that they would recommend to other parents to attend the 2020 Fete. 57% indicated that they would very highly and highly recommend. This is a very high Net Promoter Score which indicates a propensity to positively recommend an event. This is quite an achievement by any standard.
  • 20% of the respondents were first time visitors, some 30% viewed it as a tradition and some 50% had came to the Fete in the previous year.
  • Despite competing events in Luxembourg, variable weather conditions and the modifications made to the access to the site, the event was overall deemed a success thanks to the contribution of hundreds of voluntary parents, the dedication of staff and the enthusiasm of some committed teachers.
  • The net Funds raised for APEEEL amounted to more than 5000 EUR, somewhat below the hopes of the Organizing Committee but nevertheless meaningful. It is important to remember that these funds serve to allow the Association to support various parent initiatives such as the Social Assistance Fund that ensures that no student is left behind when school class trips or events require an additional financial contribution from parents that cannot afford it. It also serves to finance the Participatory Budget used to support ad hoc projects which directly benefit students.
  • At the heart of the Fete, key events take place. The ranking of appreciation by respondents is illustrated below: Tier 1: Tombola, Bouncy Castle, Flee market; Tier 2: Garden, Show Periscolaires, National Stands; Tier 3: Maternelle Show.
  • The 2019 Fete took place on May 18, 2019. The date was chosen, inter alia, to enhance the probability of good weather; and to dovetail the end of the Periscolaire Activity Cycle with the shows at the Fete which display our kid’s talent and savviness. This connection might not be in the cards for 2020 however in view of prospective calendar conflicts which might lead the Fete to be organized in June. To be continued …

Verbatim comments were solicited from responded on what they liked and suggestions for improvement. Hundreds of Comments were received. Below are a Selected Verbatim Comments intended to convey the spirit of what was shared in the survey:

  • The national stands were wonderful, the garden was a great idea, very welcoming, the bouncy castle was much appreciated by small children (although some would have preferred free admission) … «I would have liked to visit the Maternelle performance but the events at primary and maternelle were too close together in time.»
  • Great Ambiance, opportunity to connect with other parents.
  • Great Shows and Food- Kudos to the outstanding Portugal Stand.
  • Fun to collect money for a good cause.
  • The multicultural atmosphere.
  • Effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the activity.
  • The national stands and the shows.
  • Make your tote bag activity.
  • Friendly Sport Competitions.
  • Flea market.
  • Mots de Zaza.
  • Maternelle Show.
  • Beer Stand by an ex-student.

Areas for improvement

  • Access constraints to the yard imposed as a result of the School’s new security policies without adapting signaling.
  • The shortfall in the mobilization of volunteers and participants. Great national Stands but many were absent this year.
  • Not enough space for the flea market.
  • Some 25% of the respondents answered the question about their interest to be contacted to contribute as volunteers to the 2020 School Fete. Of this 25%, only 28% indicated an interest in being contacted, leaving 72% uninterested.

These results and observations will provide a unique opportunity to benchmark ourselves for next year by building on lessons learned and strengthening was has worked.

Many thanks to the leadership to APEEEL Fete Committee members for their outstanding contribution: Claire, Vaiva, Fiona, Karolina, Ewa, Francesca, Anjani and Daniel.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
September, 2019