The main funding source of Actions sans Frontières (ASF) is our school Christmas Market which is again cancelled due to COVID.

 ASF helps children in need around the globe by financing school projects.

 Would you help?

 Due to COVID, since March 2020, all Actions sans Frontières (ASF) activities have been cancelled.

 This school year promises to be even more difficult since Actions sans Frontières (ASF) main source of funding, the Christmas Market, will not take place.

 Sanitary conditions make difficult to organize this Christmas Market, which is why it has unfortunately been cancelled.

 In order to continue carrying out their actions to help children in need, we ask for your solidarity.

 Together we can mitigate the devastating effects of Covid-19 on already fragile populations. If you want to help, please make a donation to ASF account:

 BCEE: LU67 0019 2355 2329 5000

 We thank you for your generosity.