On 26 January 2022
The Administrative Board discussed on:
• The European Baccalaureate diplomas 2022:
o The Board of Governors approved the guidelines for the European Baccalaureate diplomas 2022: written and oral exams planned in-situ.
o The School confirmed that the new marking scheme is advantageous for the students.
o The School will work to facilitate the access to Luxemburgish university to our students one of the measures is to eliminate the administration costs.

• School trips:
o The School cancelled all 2021-2022 trips due to the pandemic
o The School will work on 2022-2023 trips
o The School will work on a detailed memo on trips practicalities for parents

• Education continuity:
o The School works to ensure education continuity due to the pandemic
o The School will clarify the use of students mathematical tools (Geogebra and scientific calculator use is discontinued)

• Enrolment policy :
o APEEEL1 requested to the School to improve their communications so parents can understand the language policy to enrol/move their children to the correct language section.

School psychologist post: APEEEL1 emphasized the need to have an additional psychology post.

o From 17 January 2022 students can make:
3 tests per week for maternelle at home
3 tests per week for primary and secondary in school
Participation is 60% in primary and 20% in Secondary
Participation in local school is 90% in primary and 80% in Secondary

o APEEEL1 requested to the School to improve their communications so students would increase their participation.

• Health and safety:
o APEEEL1 requested to extend the school opening hours and secure the main road Kiss and Go. The aim is to increase students’ safety. There is a lot to do regarding transport and access to the school and this requires input from the whole school community. 

o The School will install this year new lockers in Secondary
o The School will build this year a new IT room in T block in Secondary
o The School will finalize this year the replacement of traditional light bulbs by LED.
o The School is working on a 5 to 7 year project to enlarge canteens and sport hall.

Nominations: Manuel Bordoy is the new deputy Secretary General of the European Schools

Each school has an Administrative Board chaired by the Secretary-General.
Its other members are
– the director of the school,
– the representative of the European Commission,
– two elected representatives of the teachers,
two representatives of the Parents’ Association (so we were there!),
– a representative of the administrative and ancillary staff (PAS) ,
– at the European School of Luxembourg,
– the representative of the European Investment Bank.
– Bodies which have signed an agreement with a school and have at least 20 pupils on roll also have the right to be represented on the Administrative Board.

Administrative Boards deal with matters concerning the management and administration of the schools, draw up budgets and superintend the spending of allocations. They have the responsibility for overseeing all aspects of day-to-day life in the school and for ensuring its efficient functioning.