Here is some helpful feedback from our own parents on how to make remote teaching a little bit easier. 




Do Not allow

Arrange with your children

  • Days to become a holiday – keep to a structure 
  • that days of the week are days of the week and continue to be clearly separated from the weekend,
  • Smartphones, Netflix & Co determine the daily routine
  • a structured daily routine with in-bed walking and wake-up times, working times, activity and relaxation times,
  • Weakening of the immune system by allowing the children spend the coming spring days indoors or only feed themselves from the freezer
  • that you spend as much time as possible in the fresh air (forest walks, jogging, cycling, gardening…),
  • how to consume enough healthy food,
  • social isolation, this leads to frustration and loneliness,
  • joint activities (e.g. the outdoor activities mentioned above, games evenings, shared hobbies, etc.),
  • Loss of control.
  • that they tell you about the course of the day (e.g. school work).


Secondary students

The TEAMS system for secondary students permits real time lessons to take place through a conference call structure. Rules regarding who speaks and who should be on mute etc should be respected.

TEAMS also contains a chat app so that students can maintain contact with their class mates.

Teachers can also use teams to provide work sheets and structured help/communication. Completed work can then also be uploaded to TEAMS rather then being sent by Email.

Instructions how to install the Desktop version of TEAMS Instructions how to work with assignments for pupils: Instructions how to follow a TEAMS meeting for pupils: In the general channel of your TEAM course, you will see an invitation Meeting now in Posts and you can click the Join Button to take part in the lecture of your teacher.

For the students who need extra guidance on how to use TEAMS, please check following video (created by a EB4 student) :  

Teachers should make it clear when students are expected to study. Some teachers will expect students to participate at the standard teaching time, others will ask that the tasks are completed by a certain time/date. This should all logged in TEAMS and SMS.

There are many necessary tools at student’s disposal, the assistance of teachers and parents, the help of the IT helpdesk, electronic systems but above all students’ youth, openness and ability to adapt.

 For parents if you are concerned that you have missed a message or that there is a delay in receiving messages from the school, all messages that have been sent via email can be found on the SMS (School Management System) homepage – for the appropriate student- under ANNOUNCEMENTS.

 Anyone having difficulties connecting to the School systems: Office365, SMS etc can contact the school using the attached form:


 (Trying) to have a fixed time per activity can provide a structure to the day

 Try and concentrate on one task at a time, no matter how small. This will give you a sense of control and achievement. 

Try and set up video chats (for example Google hangouts) for kids that do not have a smart phone or WhatsApp and are missing their friends.  

BEE SECURE TIPS: try to avoid electronic devices directly before or after studying as the brain needs time to adjust to be able to focus and absorb information.

Teach your children resilience – parents do not have to be available at all times

Ask for help – perhaps an older sibling or grandparent (via skype etc) can help with a particular subject

Peer support- don’t know how to do something, need advice, or simply sharing a lesson together, friends can be very helpful.