. Following the decision of the Primary School, the area of the school yard has reduced since September, resulting in significantly less space available to the Primary School students for play and recreation. The reduced school yard area currently available is entirely covered by concrete, with the grassed and garden areas being excluded from use. 

Following complaints from parents, APEEEL1 enquired about this matter with the Schools’ management during the Administrative Board meeting on 5 October, receiving a reply from the Secretary-General Mr Beckmann that this is the problem of the School and needs to be resolved on the School’s level. APEEEL1 has also raised this matter during the meeting between director Mme Ribic and parents’ representatives, receiving an explanation that this decision has been implemented due to limited number of supervisors available.

APEEEL1 was informed that this matter will be discussed in near future with a view to find solution to the problem between director Mr Wedel and Secretary-General Mr Beckmann. Should no solution is found by early 2023, APEEEL1 intends to raise this matter again during the meeting of the Administration Board in January.

APEEEL1 recognises that the pupils are disadvantaged by this solution and do not agree with the unilateral decision taken by the school to reduce the playground area. APEEEL1 will continue to insist on reopening the full playground for the wellbeing of the pupils.