Safety around our school in Kirchberg remains a key concern to us all, given the large volume of pedestrians and vehicles that navigate in this area especially at peak times.

The Parents Association is in consultation with the Luxembourg authorities to highlight the issues that our pupils currently face in the future as Kirchberg develops. In order to reinforce road safety around the school, we would like to organise a robust and visible action that will raise awareness with all parties: authorities, parents, drivers and pupils.  

Therefore we wish to set up a pool of volunteer parents to help our children too safely cross the streets, we are proposing that they attend each morning, wearing high vis jacket to assist the pupils to cross the roads.

This one-off operation will take place 19th to the 30th September 2022.

Our goal is not to put the duty on parents’ shoulders, but rather highlight to all parties the need take the matter seriously on the matter. Your engagement can make a big difference.

If you would like to help this project or would like more information please contact

We thank you in advance for your collaboration. 

The APEEEL1 transport team.