Project Lollipop took place 19th to 23rd Sept 2022. We highlighted our concerns for safety & access around the school and you can find attached a comprehensive report of our findings here

The main thing to note is that everyone in our community has a role to play for the safety of our children. APEEEL1 will continue to push for solutions, big and small, from the local authorities to the school.

We have had meetings with the Ministry of Education, Fonds Kirchberg, La Coque, ATSEEE, and most recently the Ville de Luxembourg (Mme Polfer & Mr Goldschmidt) 4th May.

The meeting with the Ville de Luxembourg was mostly positive: whilst they are not responsible for all of the points that we raised, they proposed to set up a round table with all of the stakeholders, including the Ministry for transport, to discuss the safety concerns around the school and to find concrete solutions. Other things they can help with will be investigated eg a study to see if the traffic lights at the Kiss and Go could be adjusted to allow more cars to leave quicker…..We look forward to attending this meeting in the near future.

It is clear that there will be many changes and challenges around the school in the coming years: decommissioning of key carparks, extensive building and construction of the tram will impact access to the school further. It is key that we start to look at solutions to these issues now. Whist many of Secondary pupils are able to take public transport, VdL & ATSEEE buses to get to school, it is our lower year pupils that remain our greatest concern. Solutions such as a Pedibus from Institutions to the school, in partnership with the Ville de Luxembourg, is one such solution that needs to pursued.

In the meantime what can parents do ? Keep our cool. Driving conditions around the school are far from optimal but we must all try and respect the rules. This isn’t just to protect the reputation of the school when negotiating with the stakeholders, but nobody wants to put any of our pupils at unnecessary risk.