On 19th of January, representatives of the School´s management, Nursery and Primary coordinators and representatives of teachers and APEEEL1 met for the regular Nursery and Primary Education Council.

Firstly, they discussed the feedback from class reps on distance teaching during first week of January. Both directors, Sandra Ribić and Martin Wedel, thanked APEEEL1 for organising the survey and the parents for providing very precious input. It was noted that the feedback was much more positive. However, some complaints have been voiced about insufficient L2 teaching, especially for families that do not have L2 language at home. Half an hour per week of classes via Teams was not considered to be enough. Many parents also raised the issue of not being informed about classes taking place or having weekly planning sent too late. The School management committed to ensure that weekly planning is sent to the parents on Mondays, by 10am at the latest.

Swimming is unfortunately cancelled until further notice in both the Coque and School´s pools. Unfortunately, safety measures in the Coque require 3 pupils per lane which means that only 6 pupils could go. On the other hand, there were not enough slots to allow all the pupils to use the School´s pool.

The School has invested in new educational support equipment for pupils suffering from attention deficit and hyperactivity. It has bought 6 standing bicycles, which are totally silent, and they are installed in two Primary rooms to be used by pupils during classes. The project, successfully implemented in Brussels IV school, is being assessed until Easter, after which the bikes will be distributed between more classes.

The School has announced many exciting projects in Nursery, including organisation of Kindness/Mindfulness Week, the upcoming opening of the sensory room and the installation of a… chicken coop! 8 different kinds of hens will soon live on the School premises. This will surely be a great attraction for the children! Check the School´s blog for more details and information!  

Ewa Sinclair, VP Primary and Maternelle.