In the Admin-board meeting the school, APEEEL1 and the Pupils committee meet with the Secretary General, the Commission and the Luxembourg delegation and inspectors.

APEEEL1 raised in this meeting the following points:

  1. Infrastructure revamp.

The current school infrastructure was build when the school hosted a smaller number of students. Today the size of the canteen and of the sport infrastructures is not enough and this forces tight shifts in a crowded space.

A request was sent by the school to Batiments publiques to explain the problem and to request some enlargement works on these buildings.

In addition to that, the school requested to Batiments publiques to fix the 7 fridges (chambres froides) in the canteen that broke down last month and to fix the cracks on the secondary buildings.

APEEEL1 insisted on the urgency to start these works, the students have today very short time to eat and sport facilities are not adapted anymore.

Luxembourg delegation took the point and promised they will try to speed up a reaction from Batiments publiques.

  1. Ukrainian students’ canteen costs.

The Parents’ Association asked the Luxembourg delegation by when the Luxembourg government will pay the canteen for the Ukraine pupils in the EU school.

The Office National d’accueil (ONA) explained to hosting families that they will not need to pay for the canteen for the Ukrainian students they are hosting. No disclaimer on the website, no information from the Office clarified that the Ukrainian students attending the European school will be treated differently.

The Luxembourg delegation answered that it was a decision of the European schools to take in charge Ukrainian students.

The Secretary General underlined that, since the beginning, it was clear that the canteen costs would be paid by the school and by the parents association.

  1. Quality of teaching: mother tongue L2 teachers

The Secretary General confirmed that the recruitment of a non-native speaker as L2 teacher must remain an exception, only where it is not possible to recruit a native speaker.

  1. Future school trips organisation.

The school plans to externalise the management of school trips.

The Secretary General explained that the old system will still be in place this year. The schools relaunched a second call for tender, the process just finished and an offer was received. In October the contract should be signed, therefore there will be a new system in place.

  1. Timetable primary

In Primary, teachers and pupils have no time to go from one course to the other or from one activity to the other. There is not a 5 minutes time between one activity and the next one, in order to move from one place to the next one.

In the last couple of years, the Parents’ Association received many complaints on these issues: for example some classes arrive late at the canteen and students have too little time to eat, students miss part of the playtime, teacher supervising the canteen do not manage to be there on time.

The Secretary General answered that this cannot be changed: In primary, the contracts are by hour, in secondary by period. A solution must be found with the school.

  1. European BAC automatic recognition within Luxembourg.

For the Luxembourg delegation this is already the case, the process was modified a few months ago.