Extracurricular activities start Tuesday, October 5, 2021!

A hundreds of activities: sports, dances, art, theater, skills, IT, as well as several music lessons.

Extracurricular activities allow students to acquire methods that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, to enhance their achievements, to strengthen their personal autonomy.
Extracurricular activities develop diversified learning and new interests as well as help to find the joy of living together which is particularly important during this health crisis period.

Extracurricular activities start Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Enrollments on https://periscolaire.apeeel1.lu/

For APEEEL1 members registrations begin:

Wednesday, September 15 at 11am for all activities except sports
-Thursday, September 16 at 11am for sports activities

For Non-APEEEL1 Members registrations begin: 

Monday, September 20 at 11am for all activities

Added value?
Proximity! Everything in the school.
Ecology! We arrive on foot
Safe! compliance with the health protocol, identical to that during the school day.
Parents lead! It is we, the parents who organize the activities

Do you have any question? Please get in touch via our facebook group APEEEL1- Parents Association European School Lux1 or by email periscolaire@apeeel1.lu