Group Activities:

Covid-19 complicates the planning of extracurricular activities and requires the APEEEL1 extracurricular activities team to thoroughly analyse the way in which the activities are organised. After each update from the Government and the school, we need to review the different possibilities and make the most appropriate decisions to adapt our programme to follow the current guidelines.

Close collaboration with the school, the CPE and the monitors are crucial as well as the understanding and involvement of the parents.

Taking into consideration the current situation, for this school year exceptionally, the group lessons were divided into 3 inscription periods:

1st term 6th October-11th December

2nd term 14th December-5th March

3rd term 8th March-21st May

The only exception is for solfège activities which are for the entire school year.

Inscriptions are automatically renewed for the 2nd and 3rd terms if the child wishes to continue the activity.

This approach gives parents more flexibility. They have the possibility to participate in activities for a shorter period if they consider that Covid-19 is having too great an impact on the extracurricular activities, or it is too complicated to handle the organisation of the family required to participate in the activities. It gives children and parents the motivation to attend activities for part of the year, instead of not being able to participate at all.

For the 1st term there were 1156 inscriptions, in the 2nd term: 1088. The numbers dropped for the activities which are more “sensitive” to the Covid-19 situation, such as arts, sports and singing. On the other hand, a lot of parents were motivated to continue the 2nd term, because of the 10% price reduction and the refund for the sessions missed during the 1st term, when certain classes were in isolation.

Please note that it is possible to join the activities which have places left for the rest of the term by contacting the extracurricular activities team leader via the  email address. The price is calculated pro rata.





Private Music Lessons

Inscriptions for Private music lessons were split into semesters.  For the first, there were 110 inscriptions across all the instruments, and 103 signed up to the 2nd semester.  Private lessons can continue to take place “virtually “when classes go into isolation or the whole school is closed following official guidance. This means that there have been no lost sessions and the children are happy they can continue to learn their instruments.


Vaiva Simonaviciute, extracurricular activities team leader.