Peer learning is an educational practice in which students interact with other students to attain educational goals

Peer-to-peer learning is where one student leads another through a concept, in which the first student is an ‘expert’ and the second is a novice. The peers don’t necessarily need to be from the same class or age group. Peer-to-peer learning is learning from each other.

When could you use peer-to-peer learning?

We all know students learn at different paces, so encouraging the faster learners to help others is always a good idea. But peer-to-peer learning is helpful for both students: by explaining and presenting a concept, the ‘expert’ student takes their own understanding on a level, and develops their exposition skills.

We are looking for students:

Candidates – volunteers
Motivated and interested
Willing to spend a bit of their free time in helping other students with questions about learning
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