News from Your Parents’ Association

Darkness Into Light Luxembourg – Saturday 11 May 2019

A charity event to raise awareness on mental health issues to help destigmatize suicide The first Darkness Into Light walk took place in Dublin in 2009, when a bereaved family, who had lost their son to suicide, walked with a group of 400 people in the very early...

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New marking and evaluation system – review?

As you already know, a new marking and evaluation system was introduced at the start of this academic year for S1-S5. As a consequence, the German ‚Kultusministerkonferenz’ that took place in June 2018, agreed a new conversion table for the new marking scale....

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Office Contacts

Secretariat :  Claire Balloch

Address: European School Lux 1 Primary Building 23 Blvd Konrad Adenauer L-1115 LUXEMBOURG

Phone: 43 20 82 422

Email Address:

Office hours: Mon to Fri : 8:45 -12:30


Periscolaire Contacts

Team Leader:  Vaiva Simonaviciute

Phone: 43 20 82 422 / 621 263 002

Email address:

Office hours: Mon to Fri : 13:00 -17:00

Periscolaires – Extracurricular activities

Full activities booklet /
Livret complet des activités 2018-2019

There are still places available for the following activities:

For available activities click here 

Calendrier/Schedule Date/Date Jour/Day Heure/Time
Début des activités/ Beginning of activities 01/10/2018 Lundi/Monday  
Inscriptions aux cours privés de 2ième semestre/ 2nd semester private lessons enrollment 28/01/2019
Lundi/Monday-Vendredi/Friday 11h00
Fin des activités de groupe/ End of group activities 24/05/2019 Vendredi/Friday  
Fin des cours privés/
end of private lessons
28/06/2019 Vendredi/Friday  

Les activités périscolaires n’ont pas lieu pendant les vacances de l’école, y compris la journée pédagogique / Extracurricular activities do not take place during school holidays, including the pedagogical day