The School Advisory Council meets around 3 times per school year. The last discussions on 04/04/2022 were on

  • Welcome & Enrolment of Ukraine children
    • The inscription for Ukrainian students is available for all levels at the school website the condition that they are hosted by category 1 families and school teachers.
  • There have been 13 inscriptions so far: 1 in Mat, 6 in Primary & 6 in Secondary. All in EN section. The school expects more inscriptions, but not in great numbers.
  • The priority is for that the Ukrainian students feel safe and stable, as they are traumatised and scared. There are 2 teachers that speak Ukrainian in the school, and they are involved in the welcome process, showing the pupils around. The educational advisors are also collaborating. When required, language support is being arranged as quickly as possible. 
  • ATSEEE offers free buses to our Ukrainian students.
  • Sodexo does not offer any discount so far. The school management works to find similar solutions as the ones in the Luxembourgish school canteen.
  • knowledge gaps related with COVID 19
    • The Primary teachers have completed an analysis on missing knowledge & curriculum and no educational gaps have been identified. The biggest issue for the teachers is the student’s behaviour.
    • The Secondary teachers have not detected so far any impact on grades. Behaviour is also an issue in Secondary, particularly in the younger years. The school observes an increase of phone addiction amongst pupils. The school has contacted Bee Secure to define a plan to tackle the phone addiction.
  • Tram
    • Our school will become a city Centre school by 2030/35. The land in front of the school and beyond will be developed (4800 houses) as well as other areas around the school (Euro Control carpark & where the INL currently have buildings, for example). In 2018, there were 3,600 residents in Kirchberg, in the future there will be up to 22,000.
    • The goal from the authorities is to ‘return the public space to pedestrians’ specially using soft mobility as walks and the tram.
  • Secondary homework policy ongoing discussion
    • TEAMS seems to be the preferred tool to exchange homework and ideas with their students.
  • T permissions.
    • Students expressed their discontent over the change of rules of T permission. There has not been any change to the policy but that the T permission rule is now being correctly applied. Lessons are mandatory and pupils cannot leave whenever they want. The school will look to reduce the length of time that currently takes to leave the school with the T permission.
  • Self-defence lessons

Students suggest adding a self-defence module in the extracurricular activities. APEEEL1 took note to provide this service.