What for?

In a long school day Sodexo has to put in the trash almost 200kg of wasted food from the European School Kirchberg.

The winner for the most waste is Primary:

Data provided by Sodexo with the actual number of students having lunch (Mondays average)

What is this?

This project began on 29th September, World Anti-Gaspi Day initiated by the United Nations. The actions carried out are:

  • Each week, the amount of food not consumed by the pupils (leftovers) is displayed in each canteen: maternelle, primary and secondary
  • Secondary pupils can weigh their own uneaten food
  • At the beginning of December 2021 our school will host the travelling anti-gaspi exhibition of the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture



We invite all parents to support our action.

Please inform your child:

  • Students could request smaller portions
  • Students can try to finish their plate


Reducing this waste means:

  • more food for all: 28% of the world’s agricultural land is used to produce lost or wasted food
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions: food loss and waste generate 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • less pressure on the environment