As you already know, a new marking and evaluation system was introduced at the start of this academic year for S1-S5. As a consequence, the German ‚Kultusministerkonferenz’ that took place in June 2018, agreed a new conversion table for the new marking scale. Unfortunately their new conversion table was one that significantly disadvantages our pupils (for the same achievements, the pupils receive up to 8% worse marks).

A group of parents from 6 of the European schools led by Munich, therefore decided to send a letter to the 16 ‚Kultusminister’ in Germany as well as to Commissioner Oettinger, requesting a review and correction of this decision with the aim that our pupils have the same opportunities as previously for their future careers.

We have also received reports that the Danish have issued a new conversion table which also has downgraded the marks. Through InterParents, all APEEEs continue discussions with OSGES (Office Secretary General for the European Schools) to look for all opportunities to ensure that all member states are well briefed on the new marking scale.