Dear Nursery and Primary Class Reps,

Since the start of the school year we are in close contact with School´s management regarding all the issues that are brought to us and it is important to give you regular update from almost two months of exchanges and meetings.

Pedagogical priorities announced for Nursery and Primary at the beginning of this school year are: the assessment of the pedagogical level after the long lockdown, differentiation between levels and focusing on basic knowledge of reading, writing and maths. Most projects are still in planning phase because of uncertainty as to whether the sanitary situation will allow them to be realised. The two projects confirmed for this year are: the inclusive school ( is financed from Erasmus programme) and ecology project with the use of our School´s garden. School trips remain cancelled until the carnival week. This decision might be revised obviously if the epidemiological situation allows it. Teachers are receiving ICT training (and the School has received an additional budget for those needs following the decisions made by Board of Governors of European Schools). The Shool is waiting for IT equipment, plexi glass for all teachers´ desk etc.
We stressed the importance of not forgetting about pedagogical priorities despite all the time consuming security measures.

In September Educational Support for 131 ISA pupils has been happening in class until the educational support rooms can be used (which should have started on 6th of October). That change has actually been welcomed by the teachers because in the past there had been certain lack of connection between what teachers do in the class and what the education support teachers do. Moderate support will start if possible. If not possible, it will continue in class.

Vulnerable pupils. The School assured APEEEL1 that vulnerable pupils in Nursery and Primary are receiving proper hours of distant learning and not only homework. We have asked about the possibility of video streaming of classes but this option is not possible because of data protection.
Many of you took the time to flag the issue of continuous wearing of masks. The idea of letting the kids take off their masks in their class bubble has gained some support among the School´s management and we will raise it at the coming meetings with School. Teachers in Nursery are trying to use masks with visors (which is beneficial for children learning to speak in a foreign language) and also they asked the School to install plexi screens for reading time in each class. It has been already done. More plexi screens have been ordered for teachers´ desk for each class in Primary.

Health and Safety. The Health& Safety Working Group are in continuous contact with the school and proposed several solutions regarding congestion at the school gates at the beginning and the end of the school day (opening more gates and earlier etc.). We have also asked for more bike racks around the school to support soft mobility.

You have also received sanitary protocols in case of COVID infection.

Scenarios 14.10.2020 EN.pdf
Scénarios 14.10.2020 FR.pdf
Szenarien 14.10.2020 DE.pdf

You have also received the answers to our questions following the decision to isolate whole year group. I hope you find that information useful. Even if you do not directly hear from us please be assured that we are carefully reading all your reactions and then channel them to the School Management.

Golden time. APEEEL1 organised in total 10 golden time activities, 5 Monday and 5 Wednesday to help the parents who do not have access to CPE. They are now fully booked for 138 pupils in total. Places for 2 additional activities were distributed among pupils on waiting lists with the priority given for the members of the association. 

Thank you and stay safe

Ewa Sinclair