Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta

My name is Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta. My husband and I have two children, a daughter in S1 and a son in P4, both Dutch section. We’ve been living in Luxembourg for eight years and I haven’t been in a paid job since we left the Netherlands. I have a background in advertising and Public Relations. As much as I value staying at home for the children, I wanted to develop myself in other areas as well. To that extent, I joined the committee of the Dutch stand at the Bazar International four years ago and decided to join the Apeeel1 this year. I sometimes have my doubts or complaints about the school and I think that if you have a complaint about something, you should do something about it. But it is not just out of a negative inspiration that I wanted to join. Being a part of the Apeeel1 also enables me to be more engaged in the school, in the decisions that are made concerning our children and to be a part of the school community.