Karolina Zielinska

My name is Karolina Zielinska. I work at the European Parliament. I am Polish and have two kids a girl, and a boy in the Polish section. Parents – as the first teachers – play huge role in the education of their kids. They have been pupils themselves and continue to be learners. They also know that for the kids to have the best chance of success in the future kids need to flourish in an environment that suits their needs. Parents can definitely help the school both to advance ideas about education and to create schooling environment in response to the changing world.

As a parent, I want to work together with our school to support it in its educational efforts and develop its pupils as curious, creative, passionate learners in the world. I would love to see our APEEEL1 community expanding, getting closer together and work for our school. This is why this year in my role as a Secretary, I work on improving communication and bringing the APEEEL closer to you through the monthly Newsletters and by improving our website.