APEEE Lux 1: Who we are

APEEE Lux 1 is a non-profit organisation registered under Luxembourg law. Its detailed objectives are set out in its Statutes. APEEE Lux 1 is administered by a Management Committee consisting of up to 21 members of the association. Members of the Management Committee are elected for a two-year term with elections being held each year for the posts vacated by those whose term has expired or who have chosen to resign. The Management Committee members are all volunteers and give up their spare time to serve the aims of the association.


Management Committee 2018-19

President - John Coughlan

I was elected President of the Parents’ Association for the 2018-19 school year in September 2018.

I first joined the APEEEL1 management committee in 2013. As a dual British-Irish national, I was concerned at the time by the UK’s decision to stop seconding teachers – a concern that has only grown more serious. Given that my child, now in P5 in the Portuguese-language section, has a disability – cerebral palsy – I am also particularly interested in the school’s programme of educational support. Over the intervening years I have become involved in many other aspects of the Parents’ Association’s work, serving for three years as Vice-President Primary & Nursery and in 2017-18 as (the last) Secretary-General of FAPEEEL.

In professional life I am Deputy Director of the Academy of European Law (ERA), responsible for corporate communications. ERA is a public foundation based in Trier, Germany and funded by the EU to provide training and a forum for discussion for practitioners of law (judges, lawyers, civil servants and other legal professionals) from across Europe.

When not working for the Parents’ Association, I also keep busy in other civil-society activities as Chair of the International Cerebral Palsy Society (ICPS), Chair of the Pastoral Council of the Parish of Luxembourg Notre Dame and from 2015 to 2018 as volunteer coordinator for the Luxembourg Red Cross (Migrants and Refugees Service).

Vice President Administration and Finance - P. Luc Dupont

Je suis membre du Bureau de l’APEEE depuis 3 ans. J’occupe cette année le rôle de Vice-président Finances et Administration et je travaille de concert avec le Président au bon fonctionnement de la gestion de l’Association tout en collaborant activement avec tous les membres de l’équipe de l’association. Le rôle de l’Association est essentiel à la vie scolaire pour faire entendre la voix des parents auprès des instances de l’école et des réseaux des écoles européennes. Sa mission vise également à fédérer les parents afin de soutenir les éducateurs dans leurs responsabilités pédagogiques auprès de nos enfants et de contribuer à un environnement éducatif inspirant en tant que partenaires. Nous sommes dans cette optique tous des citoyens de l’école.

La Fête de l’école à laquelle je suis associé pour une troisième année est un bel exemple d’une activité importante qui aide à favoriser la découverte des différentes facettes de l’identité de notre école via les traditions culinaires, les arts de la scène ou la peinture et le dessin dans un magma de célébrations festives. Le grand talent des élèves, des professeurs qui les inspirent et des moniteurs qui encadrent se conjuguent alors qu’une magie s’opère à la grande joie de tous. La complicité des élèves, des enseignants, de l’ensemble du personnel de l’école et des parents convergent dans les différentes étapes de l’organisation de cet événement. Elle s’intensifie tout au cours de l’hiver pour culminer dans une célébration qui inspire découverte, plaisir et fierté. La Fête permet de découvrir l’école et de se découvrir dans l’action avec les autres. A suivre : Le thème de la Fête de cette année :

Le jardin extraordinaire

Vice President Secondary Education - Helen Valentine


Vice President Primary and Nursery Education - Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta

My name is Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta. My husband and I have two children, a daughter in S1 and a son in P4, both Dutch section. We’ve been living in Luxembourg for eight years and I haven’t been in a paid job since we left the Netherlands. I have a background in advertising and Public Relations. As much as I value staying at home for the children, I wanted to develop myself in other areas as well. To that extent, I joined the committee of the Dutch stand at the Bazar International four years ago and decided to join the Apeeel1 this year. I sometimes have my doubts or complaints about the school and I think that if you have a complaint about something, you should do something about it. But it is not just out of a negative inspiration that I wanted to join. Being a part of the Apeeel1 also enables me to be more engaged in the school, in the decisions that are made concerning our children and to be a part of the school community.

Treasurer - Anjani Ladia

I’m Indian and I work in Grant Thornton – a leading service provider of Audit & Assurance, Business Advisory, Business Process Outsourcing, Corporate & Investor Finance, Investment Fund Services, Restructuring & Reorganisation and Tax & Accounting services for all type of entities in Luxembourg. In my current role, I am an Audit Director in the firm and also lead the “INDIA Desk” client initiative in Grant Thornton, Luxembourg. I have two daughters – 11 and 9 year old.

In the APEEEL1 I am Treasurer and my responsibilities include budget preparation, monitoring and approval of expenses, coordination with auditors and management reporting.

I am a category III parent and wanted to understand more about the parents’ association as far as its functioning and its cooperation with the European School is concerned. Being a qualified chartered accountant (India) and certified public accountant (USA), with a working experience in audit field for many years, I thought of contributing to the association in the field of financial reporting and accounting.

Secretary - Karolina Zielinska

My name is Karolina Zielinska. I work at the European Parliament. I am Polish and have two kids a girl, and a boy in the Polish section. Parents – as the first teachers – play huge role in the education of their kids. They have been pupils themselves and continue to be learners. They also know that for the kids to have the best chance of success in the future kids need to flourish in an environment that suits their needs. Parents can definitely help the school both to advance ideas about education and to create schooling environment in response to the changing world.

As a parent, I want to work together with our school to support it in its educational efforts and develop its pupils as curious, creative, passionate learners in the world. I would love to see our APEEEL1 community expanding, getting closer together and work for our school. This is why this year in my role as a Secretary, I work on improving communication and bringing the APEEEL closer to you through the monthly Newsletters and by improving our website.

Committee Members
Markus BERNDT Annette MAI
Christine HACKMANN Philip TAYLOR
Arkadiusz HOJNY Anna-Maria VAGO
Daniel LATEV