APEEEL1: Who we are


APEEEL1 is a non-profit organisation registered under Luxembourg law. Its detailed objectives are set out in its Statutes. APEEEL1 is administered by a Management Committee consisting of up to 21 members of the association. Members of the Management Committee are elected for a two-year term with elections being held each year for the posts vacated by those whose term has expired or who have chosen to resign. The Management Committee members are all volunteers and give up some of their spare time to serve the aims of the association. 


APEEEL1 Bureau: Priorities for 2020-21

  • Work together as a team in a constructive and supportive manner with strong communication at all levels. 
  • Improve our engagement with parents: how we listen and communicate back to them.  Develop and implement a plan to grow the association membership and recruit more members to assist in working groups.  Develop and implement plan for proactive and systematic collection of feedback from parents (voice of parents). 
  • Systematic capturing of results/achievement and reporting back to MC and parents on a regular basis. 
  • Ensure that parents are represented in all key meetings especially those in which decisions are taken and that their views are heard.
  •  Increase our focus on student wellbeing and protection.  Develop vision and work together the school community to develop measures to improve wellbeing. 
  • Renew focus on quality of teaching including better vision to track actual teaching time, development and implementation of key policies such as educational support, homework, child protection and distance learning (if necessary).  
  • Ensure our periscolaire offering is relevant and progressive.  
  • Be good employer to our staff and monitors. 



Helen Valentine

Helen Valentine


Firstly, thank you to the Management Committee for their confidence in me to take over the Presidency of the APEEE.  It is an honour to represent our parents and to work with the parents and our school to develop and improve our community, especially given the disruption that the pandemic has caused.  The APEEE bureau this year has a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge, and together with the support of our experienced APEEE office, we will do our utmost for our parent community. 

Our focus this year will be on our engagement with our APEEE, the parents and the school, quality of teaching and wellbeing.  I am passionate about our unique school system and the need for continuous improvement in everything we do. 

I have 3 children, 2 of which are in the EN section in secondary.  My professional experience is a mix of entrepreneurial (6 years) and international corporations (20 years) in a variety of roles spanning finance, project management and operations. 

When not busy with one of my many ventures, you can find me relaxing with friends and my wonderful family (including our Scottie dog) in the Alps.    

Greg Acha

Greg Acha

VP Admin and Finance

I am a new member of the management committee and it is my honor to serve as the VP. Admin and Finance. I am new to the Schola Europaea system and I hope to bring an out of the box perspective to the school community and the management. Additionally I will ensure that the voice of the parents is heard, and that parents are well represented in an inclusive way.

I am passionate about developing entrepreneurial and technology skills in the children to prepare them for higher education and career life after studies.

I am a Nigerian-Polish living in Luxembourg since 2020, I have 2 daughters in primary and secondary classes and I work with Amazon as a Senior Finance Manager.

Francesca Flego

Francesca Flego

Co-VP Primary & Maternelle

Agata Gorska

Agata Gorska

Co-VP Primary & Maternelle

I am a new member of the APEEEL1 Management committee. As Vice-president, I will put all my commitment and my energy into good communication between parents, pupils and school.

Representing parents is a big responsibility. I hope to support them and contribute to a better Nursery and Primary school.

I am Polish, mother of 2 boys in French section (Primary and Secondary school).

In my free time, I love reading books, riding a bike and travelling.

Mats Brorsson

Mats Brorsson

Co-VP Secondary

I am a new member of the APEEEL1 Management committee and am honoured to also be part of the Executive Bureau as Vice-president Secondary together with Aleksandra. I hope, with your support, to be able to contribute to a better secondary school for all pupils and parents.

On a personal note, I am from Sweden and moved to Luxembourg in 2014 with my wife and three children (now two as one left for university) who all go to the European school in Kirchberg. I work at the University of Luxembourg in Kirchberg which is very convenient for me and our kids.


Aleksandra Goraj

Aleksandra Goraj

Co-VP Secondary

I have been a member of the Association for many years – my daughter now is in S7, so it can easily be 13 years now. I have four children in different years, in Primary and Secondary. I have been active on different levels always trying to bear in mind the best interest of all parents and children in our school.

It is my first year on the Board and I hope we will work together efficiently in these difficult times. I will concentrate mainly on the secondary school.

I work in the European Parliament as an intercultural ad language professional.

Eric Albert

Eric Albert


The 2020/2021 is my first year in the APEEE Board after 4 years of involvement in the nursery and primary classes of my two older sons currently in P2 and P3. As treasurer, my goal is continue ensuring a sound governance and provide the board with accurate financial information in order to support a proper decision making process.

More generally, I believe that the role of the association is key, both in getting the voices of the parents heard but also in providing a frame and support to all parents willing to get involved in various areas, improving pupils’ daily life and helping them to make the most out of those years at school. This journey in learning, not only academics but also social interaction is crucial to our children and deserve attention and energy since it is shaping the rest of their life.

Maria J Alonso

Maria J Alonso


I joined APEEEL Management Committee in 2021/2022 and I have the pleasure to work in the Executive Board in tandem with John Caughlan as Co-Secretary.

What does this post entail? We lead the Association’s communication strategy, provide direction and supervision to the work of the secretariat on communications with members, the wider parent and school community and the general public through the website, social media, newsletters and other channels; we also support the President and Vice-Presidents in preparing communications on behalf of the Association

I have two kids, my son in Secondary and my daughter in Primary. We live since 2014 in Luxembourg, 8km North to Kichberg, just 10′ by train. I have worked actively in several associations, in IT and Communications, all assets to fulfill APEEEL mission.

We represent all parents. Parents’ cooperation with the school creates synergies to reach high quality levels.

John Coughlan

John Coughlan


I was first elected as President of the Parents’ Association in September 2018.

I first joined the APEEEL1 management committee in 2013. As a dual British-Irish national, I was concerned at the time by the UK’s decision to stop seconding teachers. Given that my child, now in Secondary in the Portuguese-language section, has a disability – cerebral palsy – I am also particularly interested in the school’s programme of educational support. Over the intervening years I have become involved in many other aspects of the Parents’ Association’s work, serving for three years as Vice-President Primary & Nursery and in 2017-18 as (the last) Secretary-General of FAPEEEL.

In my professional life I am Deputy Director of the Academy of European Law (ERA), responsible for corporate communications. ERA is a public foundation based in Trier, Germany and funded by the EU to provide training and a forum for discussion for practitioners of law (judges, lawyers, civil servants and other legal professionals) from across Europe.

When not working for the Parents’ Association, I also keep busy in other civil-society activities as Chair of the International Cerebral Palsy Society (ICPS), Chair of the Pastoral Council of the Parish of Luxembourg Notre Dame and from 2015 to 2018 as volunteer coordinator for the Luxembourg Red Cross (Migrants and Refugees Service).

Committee Members


BRETON Monique 

GLANCY Michael

GUERIN Jean-Thomas 

LATEV Daniel






VAGO Anne Maria

VARE Emily




The APEEEL1 Management Committee: 

  • have the interest of the school and its students at heart and want to work towards a better quality of life within the school by participating in all aspects of school life, having regular meetings with the school administration and playing an active role in all of the school councils, including the Primary and Secondary Education Councils;
  • have a seat at the table of the decision-makers of the European School system, up to Brussels  ̶   we lobbied for raising the attractiveness of our school for locally recruited teachers and helped formulate the school position and policy on this topic;
  • raise and manage special-purpose funds to make a difference, namely through our Social Fund to assist parents and families to participate in school trips pursuant to our “No Child Left Behind” Philosophy
  • provide oversight of the team of permanent employees who manage the operations of the Secretariat of the Association, including day to day interaction with parents and the organisation, planning, management and execution of the Extra-curricular activities;
  • are active stakeholders in the management of  the school canteen  ̶  we play a lead role in organising the selection process for the canteen provider;
  • organise the School Fête and other events such as the ski clothing sale;
  • organise many Working Groups to work on what matters at the school such as transport, ecology, Drugs task force, Educational Support and Health & Safety;
  • keep you updated on all important and hot events and topics  ̶  we publish information on the website, via regular Newsletters, messages to our class reps and have a discussion group on our Facebook page.