APEEEL1 representatives participated the Luxembourg Steering Group meeting on 24/03/2022.

The group meets twice a year and is composed of representatives of the two European schools in Luxembourg, the EU institutions, the Luxembourgish Ministry for Education, teachers, and parents. It is chaired by the Secretary General of the European Schools. The group discusses Luxembourg specific issues.

The main topic was the welcome of Ukrainian refugees’ students.

  • These pupils must be hosted by Category 1 families.
  • The Board of Governors will look into potential scenarios to admit and support pupils for next year.
  • A recruitment Ukrainian teachers’ campaign is ongoing
  • Ukrainian pupils will join an existing class
  • support to children admitted to European school:
    • We are liaising with the Luxembourg Authorities to see how canteen costs will be covered
    • School shuttle buses are covered by ATSEE
    • Public transport is for free

Other topics were:

  • Our interest in this is to ensure that there is a good equality between the European Schools and the Accredited European Schools; both financially and once the BAC results will be comparable.
  • One2One is a pedagogical project in the Luxembourgish schools, the maintenance of the tablets are covered by the state. Our request to have the same access to this programme in the European schools will be passed on.
  • On the teachers retention the school directors believe that their challenge is now to retain. Attracting teachers has mainly been resolved as they have good number of applications for interviews. Job security is the most important element and seems to be the main reason why teachers leave. 
  • the European Baccalaureate will now be recognised free of charge by the Luxembourg authorities and universities. There is a new Law that is in progress to ensure that there is automatic recognition in Luxembourg with Luxembourg end of studies and therefore will no longer to go through the current process.