Every year the Parent’s Association of the European School Luxembourg1 (APEEEL1) organises a system to permit families to get in touch together, if they are interested in language exchanges.

In order to take advantage of the extraordinary linguistic potential of the European School in Luxembourg, these exchanges allow interested pupils to practise and improve their language skills outside of official school hours and within families and to regularly share leisure time with another child speaking a different native language. This concerns children from 4th primary to 2nd year secondary.

Parents decide how much and how long the children spend their time together and take care that both languages are spoken alternately. This way to practise a foreign language by playing and sharing pleasant time together permits quick improvement of language skills and knowledge of foreign cultures. Through the warm hospitality of the hosting family, the child develops self-confidence regarding the foreign language and has the opportunity to make new friends. These language exchanges concern mainly English, German and French languages. However, some families offer or look as well for less common languages.

In the 3rd year of the secondary school, history and geography are taught in the 2nd language. Don’t hesitate, give your child the chance to improve their 2nd or 3rd language!


Forms are handed out to all P4-S2 classes in the first trimester and the exchanges start in the following January.