Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex and more (LGBTQI+)

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Egalité was created in 1993. Egalité stands and advocates equal rights for LGBTQI+.

APEEEL1 promoted Egalité last conference held on 7/12/2021 entitled How to be an ally and support a LGBTQI+ teenager their main points were:

  • How can parents create an accepting environment for their teenage children?
  • What it means to be supportive of LGBTQI+ youth?
  • How to be an ally and promote self-acceptance?

 Égalité invited all parents to join a discussion with IGLYO – an LGBTI+ youth organisation – and teachers and students from the European Schools, about the importance of diversity, inclusion and of building a safe environment for teenagers to be their true selves. IGLYO shared advice, best practices and approaches on being a supportive parent.