ATSEEE President kindly joined the APEEEL1 Management Committee 3rd May 2023 and answered some parent questions. 

Issue with the removal of the bus navette for Maternelle pupils:

ATSEEE are willing to continue with the navette between Primary and Maternelle; it seems there is an issue with supervision on the bus. This is no longer provided by the school and any ATSEEE agents are not allowed in the Maternelle building to be able to drop the pupils off. This issue is being pursued by APEEEL1.

Some trips on the bus are very long or some stops have been removed:

ATSEEE try and limit the journey to an hour but sometimes this is not possible. ATSEEE invites parents to enrol and present ideas, ATSEEE then sees if they are feasible/can be implemented.

Some lines had to be cancelled last year because they were not financially sustainable.

Is it possible for buses to leave later in the morning as some buses arrive at the school at 8am ?

Traffic issues can have a knock on effect and ATSEEE relies on bus companies for advice. They try and balance each line.

Sometimes buses are late and parents need to know if they are actually late/missed/early

Parents can call the mobile phone number on the ATSEEE website ( ). There are two staff members that start every day at 7am. They call the bus company and the company calls them back to let them know. Sometimes if there is a big traffic issue this can generate a lot of calls and then parents could have problems getting through.

Bus size does not have much impact on cost

The prices are fairly similar between a small bus or a normal size bus, it depends more on what is available and where the bus is coming from ie garage or in already in use. The only real additional expense is a double decker bus.

Can bus drivers check the bus cards to ensure that younger pupils are taking the right bus ? Especially at the beginning of a new school year ?

ATSEEE will contact the bus companies to see if it is possible for the drivers to check the cards. Their main purpose, however, is to drive.

Pupils should only enter through the front door of the bus

If this is not happening please let ATSEEE know immediately. Sometimes mistakes can happen and parents need to write to ATSEEE about any issues so that they are recorded and then discussed with the bus companies.

The ATSEEE committee are available via email for any further questions.