On 14 November the directors of the Secondary school together with APEEEL1 and CAS representatives gathered to open new outdoor sports field and gym at the Secondary School. The outdoor field is a multifunctional pitch to play various sports during the PE classes as well as during the breaks. At the gym students and teachers can enrol to circuit trainings and workouts to strengthen their muscles under the supervision of the sports teachers.

Sport is popular among students of Lux I school. The achievements speak for themselves. Lux I team is the proud winner of this year Eurosport Cup! Our volleyball men’s team won the Luxembourgish championship of the secondary schools this year. Now, the team has qualified for a tournament in Brazil where they will compete among the world’s best volleyball teams next spring. We keep our fingers crossed!

The atmosphere at the inauguration was very festive and finished with a celebratory cocktail, speeches and discussions on the importance of sport in the school curriculum. Both the school directors and the sports teachers consider the project a great success as the new sports grounds are very popular among students. APEEEL1 subsidized both facilities granting 5 500 EUR from its participatory budget …. ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’.