The Ministry of Education Children & Youth together with TEDxLuxembourgCity will be hosting a TEDxEducation event that will focus on current and future ideas within education. The event will be broadcast live across the country so come and register… it’s free!

TEDxLuxembourgCity in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Children & Youth are proud to announce the 2021 “Idea Competition”. The winner of the competition will be coached by a professional and invited to give a TED talk live at the TEDxLuxembourgCityED event. To be eligible to participate, you must: 1). be between 12- and 18-years-old and 2) be a student of a school in Luxembourg. To apply, you simply need to present your idea in either a 400-word essay OR a 3-minute video and upload it to the website… more info available on our website