At the last meeting of the Health & Safety committee, the school management assured our representative that they have the security of all children at heart. This year, they have reinforced the number of people supervising the playground during breaks and, besides, because of the restrictions related to Covid-19, every class has to stay in their dedicated perimeter. If, however, a violent situation occurs or a child feels threatened, they should not hesitate or be shy, but report immediately to the nearest supervisors who are ready to intervene and give support. Children should always report incidents to their primary teacher as well. While it is not the school’s responsibility to assure the security of the perimeter outside the school premises, the guards are on their watch, especially during drop-off and pick-up times, and are prepared to act in the event of a violent or suspicious behaviour.

A number of well-being initiatives are going on in the school. Rooms for time-out are prepared for Secondary where students can relax and be listened to. Well-being rooms are under construction for Primary and Nursery too. Workshops about drugs awareness are being organized, currently targeting S3 students. The psychologists are there to provide support to all who need it, be it in person or online, and a clearer timetable of their availabilities will be set up.

In the context of the measures against Covid-19, your parents’ association has requested the school to adhere to the national initiatives and demand from the Luxembourgish ministry of education CO2 measuring devices for classrooms, FFP2 for teachers and staff and rapid testing of the school community in case of positive test results. All these precautionary measures are aimed at curbing the spread of infections, reducing the number of teachers and students affected by isolation and quarantine and keeping our school in a normal functioning mode.