1. Evacuation exercise

The sound intensity is tested by technicians and complies with national regulations.

  1. Security service

The security service has changed since the 1.09.22 but with  the same staff.

  1. Renovation

Several renovations are taking place on the school site from Luxembourgish Administration des bâtiments publiques:

  • Secondary building – interiors
  • Primary building
  • Roofs and front walls.

The school is in direct contact with the construction company and will try to reduce nuisances as much as possible.

The renovations will take place until the end of 2023/begin of the year 2024.

  1. Recreation courtyard primary
  • The playing space in the courtyard has been reduced for easier supervision of the children.
  • APEEEL1 asks when it will be possible to reopen the courtyard. The administration answers that there are not and there will not be in future enough staff to monitor all the area. As the surveillance can only be guaranteed from pedagogical staff (responsibility issue) there is no perspective to change the actual situation. Security is a priority; alternatives have been evaluated but the result of the evaluation is negative.
  1. Door between maternelle and secondary
  • This door cannot be maintained open. At the end of the previous school-year some tests for an opening have been realized, but security cannot be guaranteed. 
  1. Security in the bus for P1 + P2 and possibility for P3-P5 to be accompanied to the bus

APEEEL1 raises these issues. The administration confirmed that the School is responsible only within the walls of his buildings and the enclosure. The P1+P2 are accompanied to the bus only because the teachers do it on a voluntarily basis. The same cannot be guaranteed for the P3-P5 pupils. So APEEEL1 and ATSEEE are in charge of organizing the bus departures of the children and monitoring the security.