The products we buy as well as the services we use have an impact on the environment. One way to measure this impact is through the carbon (CO2) released in the atmosphere as result of the energy used to produce the products and services we use. This is the so-called carbon footprint which measures the CO2 as well as all the other greenhouse gases (ie methane, NOx, etc). We can take measures to reduce our impact on the environment, only if we know what it is, how large it is and which activities contribute most to it. 

 Click here to find out the APEEEL footprint 

Individuals as well as organisations can measure their carbon footprint.

 There are different free, online services which provide rough estimates to the individual carbon footprint – for example

 You can find out what your (your household) foot print is via one of these online calculators. Keep in mind that Luxembourg as a country overall has one of the highest carbon footprint How does your results compare to the average? How did it change before and after Covid? Here are mine taken before COVID with holidays abroad. Let us know your thoughts 

 Calculating companies and organisations footprint is a somewhat more complicated than that of an individual, however it has much bigger impact overall. Within the association we have taken the first step by calculating the Scope 3 emissions, which cover all indirect emissions for which the association is responsible (for example by organising the afterschool clubs). We have prepared a detailed report which outlines the main areas of our activities responsible for our emissions as well as the areas we have captured and those that we still need to look into in the future.

 This is only the first step. Using these findings we can look into ways to reduce our emissions. 

 We would very much like to hear our members views on this topic as well. We invite you to give us suggestions on how best to proceed onwards in our journey to lowering our emissions.

Daniel Latev

Secretary & member of the Ecology Working Group