General Meetings

Your parents’ association is an Association sans but lucratif, or A.s.b.l., and is called Association des Parents d’Élèves de l’École Europeenne de Luxembourg 1 (Kirchberg), abbreviated to APEEE Lux 1 or “the association”. The highest authority for APEEE Lux 1 is the membership, you.

The association is run on behalf of the members by a Management Committee elected by the members each year.

The members express their wishes for the organisation and give their instructions to the Management Committee by way of general meetings. The association must hold at least one general meeting in each financial year and this is called the Annual General Meeting, or AGM. Other general meetings may be called during the year for specific purposes, for example to change the statutes of the association or to approve expenditure on a large project. these other general meetings are called Extra-ordinary General Meetings, or EGMs.

The AGM is normally held within 3 months of the beginning of the financial year (1 September) but can be delayed beyond that time in exceptional circumstances. Currently, the exceptional circumstances are that we hold our AGM on the same date as the AGM for the Federation (FAPEEEL) and the parents’ association for the Luxembourg 2 school.

AGM Agenda

The AGM has a standard agenda for each meeting and is:

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the minutes of the previous general meeting
  3. Election of Tellers
  4. Approval of the Annual Report
  5. Treasurer Report for the previous financial year
  6. Approval of the audited accounts for the previous financial year
  7. Approval of the budget for the current year
  8. Motions submitted by members and/or Management Committee
  9. Any other business

Election of Tellers

Tellers are elected to count the votes cast at general meetings and for the elections held during the year. They may also be called upon to count votes in any survey or “referendum” that may take place during the year. This is an important role as it is responsible for ensuring the proper voting and election process is not only followed but has a successful outcome, i.e. voting is completed according to the regulations in the statutes.

Financial Reporting

The financial year of the association is from 1 September to 31 August the following year. The Treasurer report and audited financial accounts presented at the AGM are for the previous financial year ending on 31 August. Any financial transactions since the end of the previous period are not considered by the AGM.

Annual Budget

This is probably the most important part of the AGM because this is where the membership instruct the Management Committee on their financial limits and approve the general expenditure of the association. For exceptional items, e.g. investments of large amounts of money, the management committee should present a complete business case as to why the money should be spent and the membership have the opportunity to ask questions before a vote is taken to either approve the spending or not.

Motions Submitted by Members

When the notice of a general meeting is sent to members it contains an invitation to submit motions for consideration by the general meeting. These motions can be on any subject within the competence of the association and must contain an instruction to be carried out by the Management Committee.

Motions Submitted by the Management Committee

During the course of running the association the management committee may need to seek the approval of the membership in order to undertake a particular activity. In such cases the management committee will present a motion to the general meeting for approval. The general meeting then decides if the activity will be carried out or not.

Extra-ordinary General Meetings

EGMs are called for a specific purpose and they can be called for either by the Management Committee or by a group of members in accordance with the statutes of the association (copy available from the office in the Primary). The notification process for EGMs is the same as for an AGM.

Annual General Meeting

27 April 2017

The AGM will be held on the evening of 27 April 2017 in the Administration building of the European School Luxembourg 2 beginning at 20:00 (8.00 pm).

Formal notification of the AGM is being sent out by post during the week of 20 March 2017 and so if you have not received your copy by 31 March then please contact the office.