Dear Parents,

We hope you have spent a relaxing and enjoyable Carnival holiday and are awaiting the beginning of school next week. We hope that in situ learning for our children can continue for as long as possible. However, with the further spread of the more contagious Covid-19 variants in Luxembourg we need to be extremely prudent. We would therefore like to take the opportunity to remind you of the symptoms in the presence of which we must not send our children to school:

  • at least one of the following major symptoms: fever, cough, breathing difficulties, chest pain, loss of taste and/or smell without apparent cause OR  
  • at least two of the following minor symptoms: muscle aches, fatigue, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose), sore throat, headache, loss of appetite, watery diarrhea.

It is a year since the first Covid-19 cases were registered in the European Schools. We are sure that the above precautions are obvious to most of you but we still hear reports of children being sent to school with such symptoms so we ask you all to do your part to minimise the risk of the virus spreading within the school community.

You can be assured that the Parents’ Association is in regular contact with the school management to address the ever-developing issues related to Covid-19 and its consequences for distance-learning and school life.

We wish you a smooth resumption of school activities and many weeks of in situ learning.

Kind regards
John Coughlan
President, APEEEL1