Update – 27 March 2018

Download the amended statutes of FAPEEEL as adopted by the EGM of 28 February 2018:

180228 FAPEEEL Statutes_EGM_final

Update – 22 February 2018

You will all be aware of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) that will take place in the European School Luxembourg 2 (Mamer) on 28 February beginning at 19:00. It is important that you understand what this meeting has been called to achieve.

You will know that the item on the agenda is the amendment to the statutes of the FAPEEEL, a joint organisation comprisong the APEEEs of both our school and Lux 2 and of which your are all members. You may be aware that the management committee of APEEE Lux 2 notified FAPEEEL of their intention to leave and so a process was put in place to make this happen. The formal process began at the Annual General Meeting in November and this EGM is the next formal step in that process.

The purpose of the EGM is to introduce the amendments to the statutes of the FAPEEEL to change it back to being the APEEE for European School Luxembourg 1 and, if possible have these amendments accepted by the membership. The drafting committee also took into consideration the opportunity to update some sections of the statutes, in particular with regard to the possibility of electronic voting in elections and the use of email to call meetings, etc. The statutes with the proposed changes are at the link below:

18 FAPEEEL Statutes Rev_final

The minutes of the AGM held in November are below

FAPEEEL AGM Minutes 171107 final

If you intend to be present at the meeting on 28 February then please inform the office (office@fapeeel.lu) no later than Friday of this week (23 February) so that we have an indication of numbers attending on the night.

If you cannot attend for any reason but still wish to have your vote cast then you will complete the proxy form that was sent to you with the EGM notification and return it to the office before 28 February 2018. Please note that a member attending the EGM cannot hold more than 3 proxies.

If you have any questions relating to the EGM then please send an email to office@fapeeel.lu.