Our school has the honour of hosting FAMES (Festival of Art and Music of the European Schools : http://fames.wp.eursc.eu/ ) 15th – 18th March  There will be many events, including an opening ceremony on 15th March.

After the opening ceremony APEEEL1 will be hosting a buffet – this is a real chance to showcase our school to all the invitees coming from far and wide.

APEEEL1 will cover  the savoury part of the meal but we need your help !

We still need to provide soft drinks and desserts for 350 people. This is a lot of people to cater for, can you help ?  please can you sign up using the attached link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SC6C3FP

The more families who offer to contribute the better the event will be. Every little bit helps !

Thank you !