Extracurricular activities

During this unprecedented crisis, the APEEEL1’s Extracurricular Activities Working Group is fully mobilized to identify options to the current situation by taking into consideration the parents’ and the monitors’ situations as well as the well-being of the children.

 We can clearly see the impact that Covid 19 has had on the group lessons enrolment numbers. The 2nd term had about 5% less inscriptions than the 1st term, the 3rd term has about 7% less inscriptions than the 2nd term. On the other hand, the numbers enrolled in private lessons inscriptions stays stable.

 In order to honour our commitments and to preserve APEEEL1’s capability to structure and organise the Extracurricular Activities program, it has been decided to continue to apply the 10 % discount for all 3rd term extracurricular activities.

 The 1st term activities participants, who did not attend the sessions due to the Covid-19 crisis, had a possibility to apply for a partial refund. This possibility stays for the 2nd term activities participants and the application has to be submitted until 12th April 2021.

 The online inscriptions to the 3rd term extracurricular activities are still open and if you are interested, you can still enrol. https://periscolaire.apeeel1.lu

 We would like to thank you all for your close collaboration and understanding, the collective spirit of solidarity is of the utmost importance during these difficult times.

 Vaiva Simonavicuite Extracurricular Activities team leader