Emilie SNITER-REVEST and Gabriel THIELE and (S1FRC) during their presentation.

Henri AHOLA (S7 FIA) during his presentation

Krzesimir HYZYK (S5 PLA) during his presentation

The European Schools Science Symposium (ESSS) is an annual science competition open to all year S1 – S7 Secondary School students of the European Schools. Individuals or groups of students, guided by a teacher-mentor, are encouraged to explore an area of scientific interest of their choice. Projects fall broadly into 2 types: Scientific Investigations and Engineering/Design projects

Our school presented three projects:

  • One project junior Gabriel THIELE and Emilie SNITER-REVEST (S1FRC) who won the second prize. Marine SCHIRMER and Emmanuel COUCHE were the mentors.
  • Two projects senior:
    • Henri AHOLA (S7 FIA) who won the first prize and therefore will participate in the EU Contest for Young Scientist EUCYS 2022 from 13 to 18 September 2022 in the Netherlands.
    • Krzesimir HYZYK (S5 PLA) who was encouraged to continue his promising scientific career

 APEEEL1 congratulates all the students, teachers and school staff involved for their successful participation.