Management Committee

Election Regulations

  1. The Tellers appointed at the General Assembly of APEEEL1 will supervise the elections to the Management Committee of the APEEEL1.
  2. The Executive Bureau of the Management Committee organises the election to replace retiring members and co-opted members. To this effect, it invites paid-up members of the Association to present their candidatures with at least 15 days’ notice.
  3. Any paid-up member of the Association can announce their candidacy by sending a candidature form to the APEEEL1 office, attaching a photograph and a typed presentation text of no more than six lines in one of the EU languages with, if necessary, a translation in English, French or German. The presentation texts will be published on the APEEEL1 website.
  4. Following receipt of candidatures, and if the number of candidates exceeds the number of vacancies on the Management Committee, the Executive Bureau sends a voting slip to each paid-up member and an envelope marked “Election of members of the Management Committee”. 
  5. Two days after the deadline for return of voting slips, the Executive Bureau transmits the envelopes received to the Tellers, who open them and draft a report of the election.
  6. Those candidates who receive the most votes are elected; in the event of a tie, the decision shall be made by drawing lots, supervised by the Tellers.
  7. The outgoing Executive Bureau communicates the result of the election to the members.