APEEEL 1 is pleased to present to you: The Eco mobility Challenge

An initiative of the working group “mobility” – part of the program Sustainable Innovative School

Following on the success of Bike to School in 2020, the European School of Luxembourg I wishes to extend the initiative to any mode of transport considered “soft” in order to encourage you to leave the private car aside.

Points can be earned for travel on foot, by bike, on rollerblades, by scooter, by bus, by unicycle, …

By filling out a form on Teams once a day, students and teachers will be able to track their progress.

The school will make more places for bicycles available.

The most dedicated and consistent, those who win the challenge, will be able to choose a price.

This event will take place during the 6 weeks after spring break, from 12.04 to 21.05.


APEEEL1 are happy to announce the following winners: